A Weekend with EDU Medical Winter 2018 Class

On the 15th - 17th February, we met our Winter 2018 Class in person at our first EDU Student Event.

Fresh from successfully completing nine weeks of theory and exams for their first module, our students travelled from all over Germany to join their mentors, tutors and other members of the EDU team (who themselves had travelled from locations all over Europe) at the EDU offices in Berlin. Despite having spent weeks together in our virtual classrooms and video lectures since class began in November 2018, this was the first time everyone met face-to-face.


The two days of workshops and activities kicked off with a meet-and-greet from “Stan”, our resident skeleton, and a welcome talk from Nils Thiessen, our Chief Medical Officer and Curriculum Designer. Next our students and their mentors and tutors joined an afternoon of team building workshops before meeting some of the staff at EDU, including the tech team who showed them some of the newest developments on our learning platform, the student support team and our curriculum builders. We then whisked them all away for a student-mentor dinner that evening.


Saturday started with breakfast and a tour of the permanent “Tracing Life” Medical History exhibition at the Charité Medical Museum in Berlin led by Nils. The exhibition covers the journey of medicine through the last 300 years and the ever-changing opinions on the body and patients. There are some truly interesting medical artefacts and anatomical specimens on display. Perhaps most fascinating are the ten patient studies highlighting how modern medicine has progressed over the centuries.


After the museum trip our students and mentors joined a Design Thinking workshop hosted by EDU staff. The students were tasked with setting the values and mission statement of their global medical university of the future. Split into teams, each team had to create their mission statement and then present five initiatives that embodied their mission statement to a jury of EDU staff in the hope of “winning” a one million Euro grant. Every team presented some impressive ideas and our jury found deciding a winner extremely tough. In the end our jury chose to split the grant between two different teams.


Following their trip to Berlin, our Winter Class 2018 visited Erfurt for a clinical orientation day with Nils and Helios Kliniken teaching staff before heading off to their chosen Helios Kliniken around Germany on Tuesday 19th February to begin their first clinical rotation.

We wish all our students the very best with their first taste of practical experience with real patients and look forward to starting Module Two with them in April.