Accreditation of Bachelor in Medicine a major EDU milestone

After an intensive review and accreditation procedure, the Commission of Higher and Further Education (NCFHE), an affiliate of ENQA and a body of the Ministry of Education and Labor of the Republic of Malta, has officially licensed the EDU Medical Bachelor Programme. This marks an important milestone for EDU’s proposed Medical Programme, which aims to offer a comprehensively recognized medical degree comprising a consecutive Bachelor and Master course of study. With this administrative act, the Republic of Malta is spearheads the EU “Digital Education Action Plan” and contributes to the digital transformation of global healthcare.

The Medical Programme will offer a 3-year Bachelor before the end of this year and a 2-year Master in Medicine that is awaiting accreditation and should be offered in the following year. With a total of more than 4,500 hours in theoretical instruction and hands-on clinical training, the resulting degree will be certified with a minimum of 300 ECTS, equivalent to EU standards for medical training.

Theoretical content is made available to students online in a digital learning environment, where they receive tutorials, feedback and continuous assessment of learning progress. Following a trimester schedule, students cooperate in small learning groups under faculty supervision based on a problem-based curriculum. Theoretical modules alternate with clinical training phases, where students follow mastery approach by applying their knowledge in the setting of select teaching hospital under the direct supervision of experienced Medical Doctors.

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