Admissions open for the Bachelor in Medicine programme at EDU

We are excited to announce that starting today, applications may be submitted for the Bachelor in Medicine programme at EDU. We have spent many years with renowned experts and clinicians to create a modern curriculum that combines intensive practical training in high-end hospitals located in students home region with state-of-the-art online learning. The resulting programme brings medical education into the 21st century and make it accessible to individuals in regions underserved by traditional universities. If you want to join us on this journey, you can use our website to apply today.

The EDU model of hands-on training in hospitals from the very first year of study provides the best possible education in clinical medicine to everyone with an intrinsic passion for a medical career. We are driven by a commitment to build a fair and sustainable global healthcare system that educates better doctors and benefits more patients. For this purpose, we have built an institution of higher education from the ground up to rethink how medical education should be designed in an age of digital technologies and lifelong learning.

EDU students spend a large part of their training from the very first year of their studies in teaching hospitals, to immediately transfer theoretical knowledge into practices at the patient’s bedside. For the current application cycle, we are working with Helios Kliniken GmbH to offer students the opportunity to study at teaching hospitals in Germany, namely in Berlin, Erfurt, Krefeld, Oberhausen and Wiesbaden among others. If these are feasible locations for you, take advantage of our early applications schedule, but rest assured that hospitals in other countries in Europe and Africa will be joining our network soon, so teaching hospitals closer to your place of residence may be among them.

You will find more information about EDU while browsing our website. Prospective students can find comprehensive information about content and structure of the “Bachelor of Medicine” and we invite you to submit an online application.