Apply latest by September 13th – Start October 12th 2020

Applications are now open for our 2020 student class.



Our application process consists of 5 steps


The first step consists of completing our online application form. It’s a straightforward biographical questionnaire, and you will also have the opportunity to upload a variety of required documents. This allows us to determine if you fulfil the formal criteria to study with us.

Step 2


The second step consists of an Online Test provided by ITB Consulting GmbH. The test measures your general cognitive abilities using mathematical, verbal, and visual-spatial material. It is conducted in English and takes up to 45 minutes to complete. There’s no need for any special preparation for this test, but you may wish to brush up on basic math calculations.

Step 3


The third step is an Online Interview. It is conducted in English by specially trained interviewers who assess your motivation and soft skills. It’s all about getting to know you and finding out why you want to study Human Medicine at EDU. The whole interview takes approximately 40 minutes.

Step 4


Based on your Application Form, Online Test and Online Interview, EDU decides whether or not to provide you with a study offer. If you are accepted, you will receive an email with your study offer along with a request for a personal call. During the call, details regarding the contract, financing, and any open questions you have about studying with us will be discussed.

Step 5


Once all questions have been clarified, you have signed the study contract, and we have received your first payment, you will be officially enrolled into the EDU study programme and will begin the on-boarding process with the next student cohort.

Everything You Need To Know Before Applying

General Application Guidelines

Familiarise yourself with the prerequisites and required documents before beginning the application process.

Application Deadlines

Students can start degree programmes throughout the year. Find out more about our application deadlines.

Academic Calendar

EDU programmes follow a trimester system lasting 14 weeks each. Learn more about the structure of the academic year.

Fees and Tuition

Information on our yearly tuition and additional costs to participate in our degree programmes.

Financial Aid

For students requiring financial support, we have several financial aid options.

Code of Conduct

We have high ethical standards for our students, instructors, and ourselves as an institution of higher education.

Ready to Apply to EDU?

Our Admissions Team are looking forward to receiving your application! Before you begin, there are a few things we need you to have.


We require our applicants to submit the following:

In addition, we ask students to submit, in English, the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae / Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Scanned copy of a valid passport or government issued ID
  • Proof of any previous medical experience we can take into consideration


Not sure about your application or missing a document? Our Admissions Team are happy to help you and answer any questions you may have about your application. 


Apply latest by September 13th to Start October 12th 2020

Our next round of application closes on October 10th 2020 ready for our November 9th 2020 intake.


At EDU, students can start their studies in our Spring, Autumn or Winter Terms which means our applications are open throughout the year.

If you wish to start your studies in a specific term, we ask you to submit your application as early as possible. Our Admissions Team are happy to support you throughout your application.

Incomplete applications submitted too close to an application deadline will be processed in the following round.


The academic year at EDU is structured around Learning Modules of 14 weeks each. Each module consists of four elements:

  • The first 8 weeks of a module represent the online learning phase during which students learn the theoretical bases of the module in question.
  • This is followed by a flex week, (“flexible week”) during which students take one examination and travel to their clinical rotation hospital.
  • The third part of each module, the clinical rotation in a teaching hospital, consists of four weeks of practical training.
  • Another flex week at the end of each module allows for the repetition of exams and travel back to the student’s place of residence.

Summer break lasts around 8 weeks from calendar weeks 26 to 37, and winter break consists of 2 weeks, taking place in the last and first week of the year.



At EDU we offer students a quality private education with yearly tuition fees. We have various financial aid options available for students eligible for financial support.

For the current 2019-2020 Academic Year our fees are €19,500 per year.


At EDU we have made a commitment to supporting talented and dedicated students who are passionate about studying medicine. 

Therefore, a student’s ability to pay is not part of our admission decision. Instead we focus on the dedication, motivation and academic ability of our future students and support them with various financial aid options.


Tuition Fee per Term: €6,500

Total Tuition Fee for the Academic Year: €19,500 (3 Terms per year)

Fees include a €6,000 matriculation fee payable once a student is accepted to their chosen degree programme and the study contract has been signed. The remaining balance (€13.500) is due two weeks before the beginning of the student’s first term.


As well as your accommodation and living costs while you study, there are also additional costs incurred for any repeated modules. Information about this is available in the Tuition and Fees Regulations, 2020.


As part of our commitment to ensuring the ability to pay does not restrict suitable students from pursuing a degree at EDU, we have developed various financial aid options to support eligible students throughout their studies.



EDU Medical has partnered with CHANCEN eG to provide students with a fair financial solution to cover their tuition fees at EDU. With an Income Share Agreement (ISA), students focus on their studies while enrolled into our medical degree programmes and let CHANCEN eG pay their fees. Following the successful completion of their studies and graduation, students start to pay back their tuition fees with income-based repayments over 8 years.

Students first submit their application to study at EDU. They then can apply for an ISA with CHANCEN eG. Once EDU confirms the student’s place on our degree programme there is an interview with CHANCEN eG. If successful, students sign a financial contract and CHANCEN eG will pay the student’s tuition fees directly to EDU for the duration of their studies.

CHANCEN eG has the following parameters for students applying for an Income Share Agreement for their studies at EDU Medical.

  • Accepted onto an EDU Medical degree programme
  • Maximum funding available: 45.000 Euro
  • Repayments are income-based and paid over 8 years following graduation
  • Annual Minimum Income Threshold (Net): 21.000€

CHANCEN eG is a cooperative and social enterprise initiative founded in 2016 to give students access to a fairer financial solution for their tuition fees. CHANCEN eG and EDU Medical have partnered together to enable EDU Medical students to receive financial support from CHANCEN eG.

Every student becomes a shareholder of the CHANCEN cooperative with payment of 100€. Repayments are only made after graduation when students annual net income is 21.000€ or above.

For more information and to start your application for financial support from CHANCEN eG, please visit


The EDU Bursary is a performance and needs-based financial aid provided by EDU to students who meet the requirements for this needs-based financial support. It is allocated on a year by year basis. Students apply for the EDU Bursary for each year of their studies.


Students who perform within the top 20% and require financial support are eligible to apply for our needs-based financial aid programme.

EDU uses a Distributed Allocation Approach to assign the funds available for our needs-based financial aid. The distribution of this bursary considers the student’s performance position and their level of financial need in determining eligibility.

Distributed Allocation Approach allows EDU to offer the EDU Bursary to those who need it, and who have the necessary performance requirements. For example, should the 1st, 2nd and 4th top performing students not require financial aid but the 3rd and 5th performance position students do, the funds would be allocated to the 3rd and 5th positioned students.

Prospective students can apply for financial aid once their application has been successful and their place at EDU confirmed. The EDU Admissions Team are available to prospective students with information on applying for financial aid and the application deadlines.

To be considered for financial aid, students should submit the following documents to the EDU Admissions Team:

Income statement of payee (parents/spouse)
Most recent tax declaration of payee (parents/spouse)
Income statement of the student
Most recent tax declaration of the student



Europe’s largest scholarship platform uses a matching procedure to find the most suitable scholarships and forms of grants and loans for students. The database comprises of more than 3,260 scholarships and funding programs with a total value of 610 million euros. In 2016 alone, 9,700 students picked up their studies supported by who would otherwise not have been able to for financial reasons. The platform is co-financed by the European Commission and has already won several national and international prizes as a social start-up.

To find your suitable financial solution visit


Age, gender and ethnicity have no impact on the admissions decision. Disabled students are also encouraged to apply and should get in touch with us so that we can provide adequate support during the admissions process. 

However, in order to be eligible for the EDU Bachelor of Medicine, applicants need to provide the following documents:

– Leaving Certificate of Secondary Education

– Full English competency (B2 level)

– Fluency in German (C1 level), not mandatory for applicants who are native in German or have conducted their formal studies in this language

– Police Clearance Certificate

We base our admissions decisions on skills and performance during the application process, age does not factor into admissions decisions.

Once you submit your application and we confirm that all your documents are in order, you will be invited to complete the online test before a specified date. Following completion of the test, you will be invited for the online interview. 

The length of the admissions process depends on all documents being received in order, completing the test in a timely manner, and choosing the earliest available interview slot. 

We will then take a couple of days/weeks to consider accepting you as an EDU student

The online application consists of filling in an online form containing basic contact information, as well as your levels of proficiency in English and German. You will be prompted to fill in your academic history and work experience, as well as any relevant awards or certifications, into a data form. We recommend having your CV on hand.  

You will then be asked to upload the following documents:  

● Leaving Certificate of Secondary Education  

● Letter of Motivation  

● Scanned copy of a valid passport or government-issued ID  

● Police Clearance Certificate / Certificate of Good Conduct  

● German Language Certificate (This is not mandatory for applicants who are native in German or have conducted their formal studies in this language) 

Note that all documents should be submitted in English. If the documents were not originally in English (Leaving Certificate, Passport/ID, Police Clearance, Language Certificates) these documents must be translated and notarised. 

Please keep in mind that if you are invited to the final stage of the application process, you will be asked to send your application via post, including physical certified copies of the mandatory documents. 

Lastly, we will ask you to indicate your preferred location for clinical rotations by selecting your top 3 choices from the list of EDU’s partnering hospitals.  

Once you have completed your application, press submit to send it to our admissions team. At this point, we will ask you to pay an application processing fee of 180 EUR. This will mark the start of the EDU admissions team formally reviewing your application.

To be considered for financial aid, students should submit the following documents to the EDU Admissions Team:

Income statement of payee (parents/spouse)
Most recent tax declaration of payee (parents/spouse)
Income statement of the student
Most recent tax declaration of the student

We currently accept scans of original documents in English and Maltese. If your documents have been issued in a different language, please submit a digital copy of a notarised translation into English or Maltese.

A German version of the documents is sufficient for the admissions process. However, if you are accepted, we will require the documents to be officially translated and notarised.

During the application process, you only need to submit digital copies of the required documents. However, if you are admitted, we will ask you to send us the physical copies during the matriculation process for archiving. We currently accept scans of original documents in English. If your documents have been issued in a different language, please submit a digital copy of a notarised English translation. Keep in mind that upon submitting, you agree that all documents are true, complete and have not been modified in any way. Any misrepresentation in this regard will lead to instant expulsion.

From the moment you have submitted your complete application to receiving the news that you have been accepted, it can take up to 10 weeks. In the meantime, we are happy to respond to any questions you may have. Feel free to contact our admissions team via
The admissions portal allows applicants to login and see the state of their application. Whenever there is a change, you will receive an email notification which will also be reflected on the portal.

EDU wants a student body who are excited and committed to study in their chosen programme. As such, applicants are free to withdraw from the application process at any time until signing the Study Contract.

Applicants can reapply for the next available intake if their previous application has been unsuccessful. However, applicants who fail to attend scheduled interviews without justification may be barred from reapplying for a period of six months.

Our Admissions Team are always ready to help you with any questions and concerns you may have. Please get in touch with us by emailing

Once applicants have passed all three phases of the admissions process, the Admissions Team will begin reviewing the application. All applicants will be ranked on their overall application with the best candidates offered a place to study with EDU. Offers of acceptance can take up to ten weeks from completion of the last phase of the application process.