Introducing the EDU Excellence Scholarship

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Introducing the EDU Excellence Scholarship 

EDU was founded on a bedrock of equal access to quality medical education, irrespective of gender, age, skin colour, nationality or religion. Building on this vision, EDU has been offering location-independent digital medical education and maintaining an equal learning environment for students since its inception. Beyond its focus on inclusivity, EDU strives to develop collaborative environments for its student community. 

As of January 2021, EDU is taking one additional step toward supporting and rewarding outstanding students by launching the EDU Excellence Scholarship. This financial aid instrument aims to support outstanding candidates access medical education and encourage the development of a values-driven student community.  

This scholarship is granted for one year and will cover up to 50% of total tuition costs. Students can reapply after each academic year.   

Who is the EDU Excellence Scholarship for? 

The EDU Excellence Scholarship aims to support students who embody the values EDU seeks in the next generation of medical practitioners. These values include, amongst others, demonstrable empathy and a sense of responsibility to contribute to the medical community.   

The ideal EDU scholarship recipient: 

  • Lives the values of a great medical professional, demonstrating dedication to patient care; 
  • Fosters a spirit of camaraderie and generosity, engaging in healthy collaborative learning and supporting their peer groups wherever possible; 
  • Represents EDU with pride, supporting the development and growth of the institution; 
  • Is an outstanding student within their peer group at EDU from an academic standpoint. 

To be eligible to apply, incoming applicants must have a study offer from EDU and be in the top 30% of applicants for the respective intake.  

Matriculated students can apply for the EDU Excellence Scholarship at the end of each academic year if they maintain an average grade above 70% on their high stakes examinations, maintain high class attendance rate, and act with integrity and collegiality throughout the academic year.  

An amount of up to 50% of total tuition costs will be awarded to successful applicants, who demonstrate not only excellent academic performance in the previous study period, but also “good EDU citizen behavior”. 

What is “good EDU citizen behaviour”? 

The good EDU citizen behaviour consists of three main components: 

Peer mentorship: Good EDU citizens are expected to actively participate in peer mentorship activities, provide constructive feedbacks to their peers and most importantly, to contribute to a value-driven development of the student community in a way that builds a productive and harmonious learning environment for one another. 

Institutional Development: Student experience means a lot to EDU as a growing institution. Good EDU citizens care as much as the institution does, they voluntarily invest time in collaborating with EDU staff; making it possible for EDU to improve and tailor the academic programmes for actual student needs. 

Student Outreach: By joining student outreach activities such as Virtual Open Days, good EDU citizens support applicants in their decision-making process by answering questions according to their first-hand experience. They also address people from more difficult or marginalised backgrounds such as rural communities and families with limited resources, thereby devoting themselves to assist others to find ways into the institution that are suitable for them. Most importantly, they believe in EDU and enjoy sharing with others their experience of studying at this institution.  

Read more about the application procedures for EDU Excellence scholarship here.



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