Amir Samadian, MUDr.

Tutor since 2018

“In working for EDU I can combine my main areas of professional expertise – Medicine and Teaching using omnichannel digital media. EDU is unique in offering medical education to multinational students provided by multinational experts – all being located multinationally. Using IT  facilitates uncomplicated and comprehensive access to knowledge. I especially enjoy teaching small learning groups in the friendly atmosphere created by this unique format which is provided and supported by EDU.”

– Amir Samadian, MUDr. on why he works for EDU



2015 – 2018: Senior Medical Lecturer & Manager at Medicstart, Entire Preclinical subjects

2017-2018: Surgical doctor at bohunice hospital  Brno

2018 – now: Faculty lecturer at the department of Physiology and Pathophysiology

2019-now: Instuctor at Flyingacademy CZ

Career Highlights

Done UK board examination (PLAB1 & PLAB2)

Registered physician with GMC, IMC and CLK

university education

2017 Year of Approbation


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