Master of Medicine

Graduates with their Bachelor of Medicine degrees are invited to apply to EDU’s Master of Medicine programme, to continue in their mission to becoming a doctor.

Please note our consecutive Master of Medicine (M.Med)  programme is currently under review and awaiting accreditation, and it is expected to launch in the following 2019. Please check back for updates if you are interested in finding out more, or feel free to contact us

The Master of Medicine programme (M.Med) is built along similar formats to our Bachelor of Medicine programme and and will take two academic years to complete. It will be comprised of six modules and a master’s thesis. After receiving their degree, students will have acquired the specialised medical knowledge that allows them to apply for qualification as a medical doctor anywhere in the European Union.

Career Outlook

Our master’s programme is a professional medical degree with exciting job prospects in all areas of the healthcare system, not just in the area of practising medicine. Graduates may choose to enter a field of medical research and development, join the World Health Organization or other international bodies, become active in healthcare policy and legislation, or work with international development agencies.

Master’s Thesis

Your master’s thesis validates the basic scientific techniques acquired over the previous two years by applying them to a scientific question. The programme emphasises the independent development of a relevant research question and of a suitable study design. The preparatory module gives students ample opportunity to discuss their ideas and procedures within their peer groups, present them to specially trained staff, and to perform the necessary tasks. 

Both the formal structure of the resulting thesis and the content of the outcome in the research component are evaluated before grading. If a thesis of the requisite quality is submitted, publication of the study in an appropriate academic journal may be in option. In that case, the corresponding provisions of the journal apply.

Bachelor of Medicine Programme


 Admissions based on skills, not grades (no NC)

 Learn flexibly online from world-class medical experts and practitioners

 Gain practical experience in German teaching hospitals from the start

 Learn in small groups with daily tutor and mentor support