Digital, interactive and resilient to COVID-19

The corona pandemic continues to restrict education worldwide. The application period for medical studies (with the state examination) for the 2020/2021 winter semester at German state medical universities has been extended to accommodate the current situation:  applicants now have until October 25th, 2020 to apply. The first admissions offers will be sent out electronically on August 31st, 2020 and September 17th, 2020. The remaining acceptance offers and rejection letters will be sent out on September 30th, 2020.

Due to the yearly surplus of applicants to state universities, many hopeful doctors will once again be left without a place to study medicine.  

As a digital university with an online study programme in Medicine, EDU was not affected by the extensive corona related school closures and interruptions to learning  because our digital design makes us immune to lockdowns. Therefore, you can ensure your place and  study to become a doctor, without changing your plans due to the pandemic, by applying now.

The next two start dates are: November 2020 (deadline to apply is October 25th, 2020) and February 2021 (deadline to apply is December 13th, 2020).   

  • No, EDU was not affected by the extensive corona-related closures of educational institutions.   
  • While other universities worldwide had to close their doors as a result of the first general lockdown, students were able to begin their medical studies at EDU in April this year and will start their second trimester in August.  
  • Currently, all of our students are on their trimester holidays.  
  • We are digital by design: As a digital institute of higher education, our teaching takes place ONLINE via our digital campus.   
  • This means that getting infected during the theoretical part of studies at EDU is impossible.   
  • COVID-19 usually has mild symptoms or is sometimes even asymptomatic. Should students become infected with the virus in their private environment, they can continue to attend the online seminars and courses via our digital campus – even if they are in quarantine at home. That way, they never miss a single lesson.  
  • Examinations at EDU are also held online.   
  • The course of the pandemic in Germany so far has shown that the health care system and especially the clinics are very well prepared: standards are high, processes are professional, and hygiene protocols are in place.  
  • We are in constant contact with our partners at the teaching hospitals.  
  • So far, with one exception, all planned clinical rotations have been able to take place at EDU. One was postponed and will occur at a later date.  
  • We assume that future rotations can also take place as planned.  
  • We inform our students about all necessary hygiene measures to minimize the risk of infection during the clinical rotations and are in constant contact with our students. 
  • Furthermore, we continuously follow the evaluations from the Robert Koch Institute on the COVID-19 situation and are in close contact with our teaching hospitals.   
  • With regard to clinical rotations, the safety of all patients, staff and students has utmost priority. If a rotation cannot take place, it will be integrated into later modules.  
  • The theoretical teaching remains unaffected by this.
  • Yes. As a digital institute of higher education, our admission process also take place online.  

  • OUR ADVICE: Please be aware that official procedures to certify or translate documents or obtain the necessary police clearance certificate may take longer than usual and plan accordingly. 

  • You can find everything you need to know about our admission process here: LINK 


If you have any questions, our admissions team will be happy to assist you 

All matters concerning the financing of your studies are also handled online at EDU, as well as with our partners such as the solidary educational association, CHANCEN eG.   

Our Virtual Open Days will also continue to take place. The next VOD is on Wednesday,  November 4th,  2020. Participation is not mandatory and free of charge. 

This could be the start to your medical career!