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The EDU Faculty of Medicine and Health is built on the philosophy that medical excellence in the modern world requires a truly modern approach.



In a world where our global community is suffering from a growing shortage of qualified medical professionals and decreased access to basic healthcare, EDU’s International Faculty of Medicine and Health aims to change this.

Citizens across the world are mobilising and advocating for universal health coverage, and innovators are exploring new ways of delivering professional medical care. Despite these efforts, and significant advancements in medical science and technology, the issues at hand cannot be solved by the current number of medical and care professionals.

Our firm belief is that  modernising  and optimising access to online medical education and unlocking the practical teaching potential of quality hospitals addresses the root of the overall health care shortage, especially in regions where it is needed most. Our aim is to make high quality medical and health education accessible to anyone in the world passionate about studying medicine.

As well as receiving the medical education of a lifetime, EDU’s Faculty of Medicine students are joining us in our mission to expand on and transform the global health workforce, in support of the WHO’s Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health. Our acclaimed founding faculty secured the quality of curriculum and teaching content for our start.  For securing the ongoing quality of curriculum, content and theoretical and practical education we collaborate with Maastricht Universities Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences who also supervise our medical programme to fulfil the requirements of EU directive 2005/36/EC.

EDU’s curriculum focuses on skills and competencies often ignored in traditional medical studies such as factual knowledge, strong communication and collaboration skills, and highly tuned practical skills. Students experience 1 month in a teaching hospital for every 8 weeks of theoretical online study, within 3 months of starting.

Chief Scientific Officer – EDU


Our innovative curriculum has been developed in harmony with the standards of the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME). Our acclaimed international founding faculty is responsible for the quality of the teaching content.  Delivered in a holistic one-course-per-trimester structure, EDU’s medical programmes feature intensive practical training rotations (4 weeks) at EDU partner teaching hospitals, with all theoretical studies conducted online via EDU’s award winning learning platform. Students can look forward to their first clinical rotation and patient contact within 10 weeks of beginning their studies.

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By combining our cutting edge digital learning platform, and immersive patient-oriented practical experience, EDU students receive a unique medical education which rises to our 21st century needs.

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Hoeft
Founding Faculty Speaker, EDU


While EDU is the first digital campus for Medicine of its kind in Europe, it is not primarily an online study. EDU’s digital medical programme sees students take part in clinical rotations from the very start. Students gain one month of immersive practical training in teaching hospitals for every eight weeks of theoretical study.


At EDU, we know that the first step to transforming the state of world health, is transforming medical education.

Fully Interactive Online Learning Platform

Our fully interactive online platform features the latest in digital learning methods and trends allowing students to learn modern skills with modern tools.

Digital Learning = Accessibility

Our anytime / anywhere learning platform allows students to study wherever they are and makes medical education accessible in geographically challenged areas.

Learn in Full-Service Teaching Hospitals

Our partnerships with regional best-in-class full-service hospitals open up untapped health care infrastructures for the benefit of medical education.

Peer-to-Peer Collaborative Problem Solving

With a focus on teamwork and fostering authentic group dynamics, EDU’s curriculum requires students to solve complex medical problems collaboratively.

Personal Tutoring & Mentoring

Boasting a nearly 1:1 student to teacher ratio, the personal needs of every student are tended to by a tightly-knit group of tutors and mentors.

Clinical Rotations ... From The Start

Students experience 1 month in a teaching hospital for every 8 weeks of theoretical online study within 3 months of starting their studies.

Stand On The Shoulders of Giants

Experts and thought-leaders inspire the community with their expertise and insights on programme topics, via direct discussion and video keynote address.

Problem-Based Learning

Baked into EDU’s learning philosophy is the problem-solving process, an active and engaging learning pedagogy requiring both conceptual knowledge and creativity.

A Democratic Learning Opportunity

Structured to encourage and nurture our students’ appetites for lifelong learning, our curriculum empowers students to take ownership of their educational experience.

Synchronous Learning Platform

Online synchronous communication is built into our curriculum, creating a sense of community, strengthening instructor-student / student-student relationships.


This extensive three-year programme consists of nine modules and a Bachelor thesis, and features a total of 9 months of hands-on experience with patients at EDU partner teaching hospitals. Students will experience their first patient contact within 10 weeks of starting their studies.

Students complete the Bachelors Degree (B.Med) after earning 180 ECTS points, and are qualified to enrol in EDU’s Master of Medicine (M.Med) programme.


EDU’s Master of Medicine (M.Med) programme is built along similar lines to its Bachelor of Medicine (B.Med), and takes 2.5 academic years to complete. It is comprised of six modules, including a Master Thesis. Following successful completion of their B.Med, students are qualified to enrol in our Masters of Medicine (M.Med) programme. Our Master of Medicine programme is accredited by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA). 

After completing the Master, students will have acquired the specialised medical knowledge that allows them to apply for a medical license anywhere in the European Union, provided they meet necessary language requirements.


Early and continued clinical experience is of utmost importance to us. Our curriculum deeply integrates theoretical and practical learning and social skills at the patient’s bed. We are proud to work with teaching hospitals that share our vision and engage deeply in teaching clinical skills as early as week 9 of our bachelor programme. In Germany we have started in partnership with Helios Kliniken who, with their highest standards of quality made the clinical rotations a unique learning experience for our students. 


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