Bachelor of Medicine (B.Med)

By combining our innovative digital learning platform with immersive patient-oriented practical experience, students receive a truly unique 21st century medical education.


Apply For Your B.Med

We are thrilled to welcome students to our unique and innovative Bachelor of Medicine (B.Med) programme. This extensive three-year programme consists of nine modules and a Bachelor’s thesis, and qualifies you to enrol in our M.Med degree programme in medicine.

Successful completion of the nine modules – usually after three years of study – earns students 180 ECTS credit points, and a Bachelor of Medicine degree. This degree is recognised as equivalent to medical Bachelor degrees with similar credit points across the European Union and beyond.


  • No NC – admissions based on skills and academic performance
  • Study anywhere and learn from world-class medical experts and practitioners
  • Gain practical experience in German teaching hospitals from the start
  • Learn in small groups with daily tutor and mentor support
  • Prepare yourself for the real world through a problem-based curriculum
  • Earn 180 ECTS credit points and graduate with a Bachelor of Medicine degree!
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By combining our cutting edge digital learning platform, and immersive patient-oriented practical experience, EDU students receive a unique medical education which rises to our 21st century needs.

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Hoeft
Founding Faculty Speaker, EDU

B.Med Degree at EDU

An emphasis on team work and practical experience from the very beginning with the ability to study from any location make this programme a modern medical education for a modern era.

B.Med Curriculum

Learn about our B.Med Curriculum, a three-year programme consisting of nine modules and a Bachelor thesis.

Going beyond the format of traditional medical instruction, EDU’s B.Med curriculum is inspired by the most reputable modern medical schools in the world.

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Hoeft
Founding Faculty Speaker, EDU

Going beyond the format of traditional medical instruction, EDU’s Bachelor of Medicine is inspired by the most reputable modern medical schools in the world. The point of departure for the development of the curriculum is the WFME Global Standards as published by the Institute for International Medical Education (IIME) Core Committee. 

The IIME Core Committee has developed these “global minimum essential requirements” (GMER) and specified a concrete set of global minimum learning outcomes for each of them. The 60 overarching learning objectives form the comprehensive framework of knowledge that must be mastered by those wishing to pursue a career as a doctor. The curriculum of our B.Med and M.Med degree programmes are constructed around these standards.

Clinical Rotations & Practical Skills

Because we are dedicated to training future medical professionals who will deliver the highest possible quality of medical treatment to their patients, this curriculum places a strong emphasis on practical experience. The programme is delivered in a holistic one course per trimester structure of intensive practical training rotations (4 weeks) in highly supervised small student teams of five.

Career Outlook

EDU’s B.Med degree is both an academic degree and a professional qualification, opening a variety of interesting career options in healthcare. Graduates of EDU’s B.Med Programme are subsequently qualified to enrol in EDU’s M.Med Degree programme. EDU’s M.Med degree holders can apply for a medical license in any EU member state, where proficiency in the intended language of practice must be shown.

Fees & Tuition

When you study at EDU, you are obligated to pay annual tuition and associated fees. These include, but are not limited to, a non-recurring matriculation fee, which is applied to your full payment of tuition upon your confirmation of attendance. An application fee of 50,00 EUR is required for the processing of every application. This will be deducted from first academic year tuition if the student’s application is successful. For more details, consult our Tuition and Fee Regulations.

Bachelor’s Degree Course Regulations

For more information on the rules and regulations governing the entire Bachelor of Medicine programme, including admission requirements, course duration and structure, grading and assessment standards, visit our Admissions page, and feel free to download our Degree Course Regulations document below.

  • For further details, please feel free to download our Degree Course Regulations document.