Degree in Medicine (M.Med)

A modern medical degree transforming healthcare for patients and professionals, designed for those passionate about studying medicine.


M.Med Degree Overview

Our innovative five-year degree in Medicine programme combines hands-on clinical rotations at HELIOS Kliniken with an interactive digital learning experience and personalised support. Carefully designed to be in harmony with the standards set by the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME), our medical degree covers all the specialised medical knowledge and practical clinical experience students need to apply for qualification as a doctor in the European Union. As well as offering small class sizes and personalised mentorship from our medical expert tutors, our student-centric course gives students supervised, patient-orientated clinical experience and enables them to develop strong communication and collaboration skills that will set them up for a successful future.

Full-time study

Our Medicine degree programme is a five-year full-time course consisting of 15 modules with both theoretical and practical elements, a Bachelor’s thesis in Year 3, and a final Master’s thesis executed in Year 5. Students have 7,500 hours of learning throughout their studies divided across contact hours such as lectures, self-study, clinical rotation and course assessments.

Students will be awarded their Medicine degree (M.Med) after earning 300 ECTS. Students earn 180 ECTS for the first three years (B.Med) and 120 ECTS during the fourth and fifth years (M.Med).*

*Upon successful completion of the B.Med degree, students can enrol into the M.Med programme. 

Instead of the five-year full-time degree in Medicine, students can opt for a Bachelor of Medicine (B.Med) on successful completion of the first three years of their studies.

Clinical rotations

With 4 weeks of clinical rotation in every module, EDU Medical students enrolled on our Human Medicine degree programme have 15 months of closely supervised hands-on practical experience with patients at HELIOS Kliniken. Starting from Week 10, our students gain up to 2,400 hours of clinical experience throughout their medical studies. Our partnership with HELIOS Kliniken not only allows EDU Medical students to select a teaching hospital location of their choice, but also enables them to enjoy a doctor-student ratio of 2:5.

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