Programme IN MEDICINE*

By combining our innovative digital learning platform with immersive patient-oriented practical experience, students receive a truly unique 21st century medical education.



EDU’s programme in Medicine* is a 5.5-year study programme designed to develop a new generation of medical professionals with 21st century skills. It combines theoretical learning in a digital environment with practical rotations held in EDU’s network of teaching hospitals. The programme in Medicine is comprised of a 3-year Bachelor (B.Med 180 ECTS) followed by a 2.5-year Master programme (M.Med 154 ECTS) in Medicine. As such, the programme in Medicine covers more than 5,500 hours of theoretical education and practical clinical training.

Its certification of at least 334 ECTS is fully compliant with the relevant European requirements (European Qualifications Framework as well as Malta Qualification Framework. 

Successful completion of the nine modules – usually after three years of study – earns students 180 ECTS credit points, and a Bachelor of Medicine. This is recognised as equivalent to medical Bachelor degrees with similar credit points across the European Union and beyond and entitles the degree holder to continue with EDU’s Master of Medicine (M.Med) 


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With 4 weeks of clinical rotation in every module, EDU Medical students enrolled in our Medicine programme have at least 3 months per academic year of closely supervised hands-on practical experience with patients at HELIOS Kliniken and other partner hospitals. Starting from Week 10, our students gain up to 2,400 hours of clinical experience throughout their medical studies. Our partnership with HELIOS Kliniken and other teaching hospitals enables EDU Medical students to enjoy a close doctor-student relationship. 


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Going beyond the format of traditional medical instruction, EDU’s Bachelor of Medicine is inspired by the most reputable modern medical schools in the world. The point of departure for the development of the curriculum is the WFME Global Standards as published by the Institute for International Medical Education (IIME) Core Committee. 

The IIME Core Committee has developed these “global minimum essential requirements” (GMER) and specified a concrete set of global minimum learning outcomes for each of them. The overarching learning objectives form the comprehensive framework of knowledge that must be mastered by those wishing to pursue a career in medicine and health. The curriculum of our B.Med and M.Med degrees are constructed around these standards

Programme name

Bachelor Of Medicine (B.Med)

Teaching Language

English (Theoretical) and German (Clinical Rotations)

ECTS Points

180 ECTS points

Programme Duration

3 years, full time


Blended teaching model

Theoretical learning takes place in EDU’s digital campus and clinical rotations at our partner hospitals!


Eligibility and admissions criteria are published here.

EDU accepts applications for the B.Med on a rolling basis. Application deadlines and start dates are announced here.


Programme offered by EDU and is accredited by the MFHEA.

Clinical Rotations & Practical Skills

Because we are dedicated to training future medical professionals who will deliver the highest possible quality of medical treatment to their patients, this curriculum places a strong emphasis on practical experience. The programme is delivered in a holistic one course per trimester structure of intensive practical training rotations (4 weeks) in highly supervised small student teams.

Career Outlook

Upon successful completion of the B.Med, students can pursue careers in health and healthcare or enrol into EDU’s Master of Medicine to complete the Medicine programme*. Students with a B.Med who do not wish to continue into the M.Med can continue their education to pursue a career as an adult nurse, pediatric nurse, midwife, paramedic, international aid worker or development worker, higher education lecturer or nurse scientist.  

Fees & Tuition

When you study at EDU, you are obligated to pay annual tuition and associated fees. These include, but are not limited to, a non-recurring matriculation fee, which is applied to your full payment of tuition upon your confirmation of attendance.

For more details, consult our Tuition and Fee Regulations.


For more information on the rules and regulations governing the entire Bachelor of Medicine programme, including admission requirements, course duration and structure, grading and assessment standards, visit our Admissions page, and feel free to download our Course Regulations document below.


EDU’s Master of Medicine (M.Med) is built to take the Bachelor of Medicine (B.Med) to the next level. It is comprised of six modules, including a Master Thesis, and spans across two and a half years.

EDU’s Master of Medicine continues with the spiral integration of the content studied in the Bachelor’s. During this programme, students delve deeper into the domains of medicine within their study of theoretical content to foster the development of problem-solving and critical thinking skills, while emphasis in the Master’s will be on treatment and clinical management of patients. The final goal of the Master’s is the training of professional and empathetic medical professionals capable of practising evidence-based medicine from day one, helping to improve the health and welfare of the population.

Further details on the Master of Medicine will be published when the programme is open for admissions.

Studyplan M.Med at EDU

Programme name

Master of Medicine (M.Med) 

Teaching Language

Bilingual (English for class and language spoken in chosen teaching hospital) 

ECTS Points

162 ECTS Points (of which 42 ECTS are credited to the Clinical Clerkship) 

Programme Duration

Two and half years, full time, including 24 weeks of clinical practice and a concluding clinical clerkship of 26 weeks. Full time.

Learning Hours

Total learning hours: 4,400, of which: Total contact hours: 948

Self-study hours:  1,344
Supervised placement and practice hours: 1,988 (of which 1,040 take place during the Clinical Clerkship)
Assessment hours: 120 


Blended teaching model

Theoretical learning takes place in EDU’s digital campus and clinical rotations at our partner hospitals.

Entry Requirements

EDU’s Master of Medicine is open to students aged 18 or older who have completed EDU’s Bachelor of Medicine successfully, or those who have: 

  • Successfully completed a medical undergraduate degree at MQF Level 6 deemed equivaled to EDU’s Bachelor of Medicine. A placement test may be used.  
  • Proficiency in the English Language at Level B2 
  • Proficiency in the language spoken in the teaching hospitals at Level C1 
  • A clean police record 

EDU selects its students based on their potential to become competent medical professionals, focusing on cognitive and personal as well as interpersonal skills. The target group for the programme therefore comprises international students from Europe as well as outside of Europe.  

Currently, EDU’s M.Med programme is exclusively open to graduates of EDU’s B.Med programme.  


Offered by EDU and accredited by the MFHEA.

 The Medical Council of Malta is the competent authority for conferring the certificate of equivalence and conformity of the medical programme, amounting to automatic recognition of the degree within Europe. Presently, EDU is in discussions with the Medical Council for securing automatic recognition. You may consult with the Medical Council of Malta directly.  Read more here.

Relationship to Occupation

EDU students who have successfully completed their Master of Medicine course at EDU and have earned a Bachelor Degree in Human Medicine prior, can apply for approbation to work as Medical Doctor wherever this European degree according to 2005/36/EC as updated by 2013/55/EU or as in future is further updated, is recognised. It is then possible to begin a training position in a hospital, medical practices. Or, alternatively, can apply to a health authority, work in the pharmaceutical industry, work for aid organisations or in medical journalism or other fields of activity open to students in the health sector. For more information on this, you may contact 


For the Academic Year 2022 fees are €19,500 per year. 

* EDU’s Master of Medicine programme has been accredited by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) in Malta, while the Medical Council of Malta is the competent authority for conferring the certificate of equivalence and conformity of the medical programme, amounting to automatic recognition of the degree within Europe. Presently, EDU is in discussions with the Medical Council for securing automatic recognition. Find out more about accreditation and recognition here.


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