“An Innovative Study Programme for the Doctors of the Future!”

Dr. med. Patrick D. Dissmann, Course Module Leader an der EDU. (Foto: privat)

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“When I started my first job as a junior doctor in Great Britain in the spring of 1999, directly after I had completed my degree in medicine in Germany, I suddenly realized that my English colleagues were much better equipped for the practical day-to-day routine on the ward than I was – and that after only five instead of six years of medical studies! How was this possible? The answer was simple: due to a Problem-based Learning (PBL) approach and their early practical involvement with patients, they were much more experienced in dealing with patients and the most common diseases and injury patterns than their more theoretically-trained German fellow students.” Patrick D. Dissmann, MHA, MSc, FRCEM, FFSEM, FEBEM, Course Module Leader at EDU. 

Throughout his many years as an emergency physician and head physician of several emergency departments in both England and Germany, Dissmann has gained a great deal of experience in the day-to-day training and education of students, assistant doctors and specialists. Dissmann also teaches Advanced Life Support (ALS®) courses for the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) and is a specialist examiner for the European Board of Emergency Medicine (EBEM). Today, Dissmann works as a general practitioner in a rural practice, thus also counteracting the lack of doctors in a structurally weaker region of the country. It also allows him to devote more time to his passion, namely training future doctors. 

Dissmann has been working at EDU since 2019 and is enthusiastic about the innovative online study programme: “It enables medical professionals of the future to study in a flexible way, while building on the strengths and preferences of the future generation for online learning. And why not? Medicine is in the process of undergoing a global digital transformation that is far from complete. Due to COVID-19, we are currently testing telemedical care concepts that had previously been considered unfeasible. Why wait until you are a medical specialist to deal with the digitalisation of medicine? It is much better to learn this along the way, during your studies!” 



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