Bridging the Information Gap Between Medical Students Around the World

Dr. Bernard Mbwele, MD MSc

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“Designing a medical educational system with multiple teaching hospitals is an innovative approach that the whole world will learn from EDU. Teaching medical students in Germany, while based in Mbeya, Tanzania, has initiated a remarkable new journey in my international academic experience,” says Dr. Bernard Mbwele, MD, MSc 

Dr. Mbwele has been with EDU since 2018 as an esteemed member of EDU’s founding faculty. His career has brought him around the world, working as an expert in various medical fields such as quality of care, health economics and epidemiology in the Netherlands, South Africa, Greece, and Ethiopia.  

He is an expert in Evidence-Based Medicine and gives lectures on physiology, biochemistry and internal medicine to EDU students. Alongside EDU, Dr. Mbwele teaches at the University of Dar es Salaam – Mbeye College of Health and Allied Sciences (UDSM-MCHAS) for the Department of Epidemiology in his home country of Tanzania. A strong believer in EDU’s mission and didactic, Dr. Mbwele has spoken at conferences to present on both the concept and effectiveness of digital medical education. According to Dr. Mbwele, delivering high-quality educational content and engaging teaching via an advanced digital learning platform will be a great way to reduce the information and quality gap between medical professionals of Europe and Tanzania. By lessening and ultimately closing this gap, prospective healthcare professionals both inside and outside Europe, can receive equal learning materials, lectures and virtual classes independent of their location. Thereby increasing the quality of medical education, access, and health globally.  

“EDU is operating with state-of-the-art virtual classrooms that are effective and efficient in monitoring medical students and lectures from all over the world. All while being coordinated in EDU’s digital campus with more freedom to interact with students and peer lecturers,” says Dr. Mbwele. 

He especially sees the utility of EDU’s digital learning methodology in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. “With the concern of the COVID-19 pandemic,” he states, “I have learned that other universities from all over the world have learned from EDU on how to run engaging virtual classes. ” 



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