“I want to bring the best of myself for students to improve their learning experience while enjoying a proactive, and dynamic environment.”

Dr. Jose Hernandez, Tutor at EDU (Foto: privat)

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A recent addition to EDU’s growing team of expert medical tutors, Dr Jose Hernandez, DPhil, MSc, MBA, MPH brings his expertise in clinical epidemiology to lessons on the digital campus, working in small groups with Human Medicine students to help them apply their knowledge on health and disease conditions to real-world cases.   

Prior to joining EDU, he worked as a Research Manager in an International Research Centre in the Czech Republic, in close collaboration with the Division of Cardiovascular Disease at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, New York, where he helped improve standard operating procedures and produced academic content. Over the past 20 years, he has published 12 academic articles on medical topics such as non-communicable diseases, cervical screening tests, cancer, and cardiovascular risk awareness, amongst others. Dr. Hernandez has also worked for the U.K. National Health Service as a Public Health information Officer, providing epidemiological advice to primary care practices and primary care/public health advice in the West Midlands, as well as in commissioning roles where he provided consultancy services and assisted with business case production. Just like his professional background, his academic career has brought him across Europe, completing various medical and research degrees at universities in the U.K., Spain, and Sweden.   

Dr. Hernandez is excited to be a part of the EDU tutoring team to bring his medical know-how to a new stage, working together with future healthcare professionals in an interactive, digital environment that centers learning around the individual student. “At EDU, I can utilize a set of skills from my previous training, and experience brought forward to teach with enthusiasm,” he says. “I want to bring the best of myself for students to improve their learning experience while enjoying a proactive, and dynamic environment.” 



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