Helios Kliniken is partner for EDU teaching hospitals


Launch partner for the clinical rotation phase of the Bachelor in Medicine offered by EDU is one of Europe’s leading provider of hospital care, Helios Kliniken GmbH. The hands-on medical training phases amount to about a third of the innovative degree programme, so that students can apply theoretical knowledge they have studied by attending to patients in a real-life hospital environment. Helios has committed to this strategic partnership to support an innovative training model for future medical professionals and to improve the care that future patients receive in a sustainable manner.

The EDU Bachelor in Medicine offers theoretical instruction in a virtual classroom setting, using a cutting-edge digital learning platform. Students have access to high-quality learning formats during their foundational modules and take their study materials and reference books with them during clinical rotation in digital form. During their stay at the Helios teaching hospitals, they can observe and practice medical procedures under the close supervision of expert clinicians while being immersed into the professional environment of working physicians.

The idea behind this practical component of medical studies starting in the very first year of academic training is a unique aspect of the EDU programme and firmly rooted in the problem-based focus of the curriculum. Students are encouraged to work in groups while they solve increasingly complex medical cases and continuously exchange knowledge with peers, tutors and faculty for an effective learning journey.

During their practical medical training they are integrated into clinical routines and receive a structured education with immediate proximity to patient care. Exams and assessment take place both in the online learning environment and on-site at the teaching hospitals. The first cohort of students will begin their studies in November 2018.