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EDU students experience a 21st century digital education which combines collaborative and self directed learning with personal mentorship and a major emphasis on hands-on experience.



What’s the learning experience about at EDU? First and foremost, it’s all about YOU. It’s about each and every one of our students, and fostering an inclusive community that values you for your uniqueness. It’s about encouraging open and constructive exchange. It’s about teamwork, communication, bonding and learning amongst peers. It’s about curiosity, and nurturing an appetite for lifelong learning, and crucially, it’s about helping you succeed through our interwoven support systems, personal mentors and tutors, and your own self-directed learning. 

Our digital platform makes the theoretical and assessment aspects of your education completely portable, so you can study from anywhere with an internet connection. As well as having access to our extensive interactive library, you will experience virtual classrooms and collaborative workspaces where you and peers can communicate in real time. Only the practical, hands-on stages will require your presence at a predefined place and time.




At the heart of EDU’s learning experience lies our innovative digital learning platform, or as we like to call it, our Digital Campus. Seamlessly integrating the latest in education technology, our digital campus is the ‘always-connected’ vessel which makes our student-centered, and community-focused learning experience possible. The result? An engaging environment which stimulates self-directed learning, collaboration amongst peers, and the tools you need to succeed.

i. Interactive Library
Extensive academic resources in the form of videos, readings and links

ii. Live Participation
Real-time communication with all members of the learning community

iii. Collaborative Workspace
Space for team members to work on their submissions by uploading media and various documents

iv. Virtual Classrooms
Live video conferences to discuss assignments and learning materials for tutors and the teams

v. Gamification
Game design elements to motivate and engage learners

vi. E-Assessments
Feedback based and learner driven assessment instead of evaluation in relation to others



Timothy studiert an der EDU Medizin (Foto: privat).

Effective Studies

Are EDU students able to study without being dependent on a fixed location? Find out directly from them! Timothy shared his experience with us, and you can read more by clicking here!

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Financial Support

We strive to provide a good experience by delivering high quality classes and interactive materials. See more about how you can become part of the EDU community and even access financial support.

Celina studiert an der EDU Medizin (Foto: privat).

Digital Programme

You can also read the article about how our student, Celina, enjoys her courses and how studying in a digital faculty has helped to overcome the challenges associated with the pandemic.​ 


With an emphasis on team-based learning, peer-to-peer feedback, collaborative problem-solving and close support from tutors and mentors, EDU is a learning community.


Team-Based Learning = Engagement

When students with diverse backgrounds team up to tackle common goals together, they interact, they share, and they collaborate. To learn as a team, is to learn together, is to learn from one another. This engagement underpins the unique bond and sense of community at the center of our team-based learning philosophy and the EDU learning experience.

Peer-To-Peer Interaction & Feedback

The system is designed to connect peers and build group identities both within teams and between teams, individual participants, and supporting staff. As well as the interaction students experience within their own teams, it is the interaction amongst and between teams which unites EDU’s community of learners.

Collaborative Problem-Solving (CBS)

EDU’s educational concept combines both project and problem-based learning. The cyclical project structure is designed to emulate the complexity of real-world issues.

This immersive process not only allows students to retain knowledge more effectively, it also prepares them with the necessary skill set to effectively navigate the challenges of real life.

Collaborative Problem-Solving
Mentors and Tutors

Personalized Support From Mentors and Tutors

Not only are individuals supported by personal mentors and trained academic staff – from application, to graduation – every team is too. This ongoing help contributes an additional human element to our online programmes, and enhances the learning experience shared and supported by the EDU community.

Guidance & Inspiration From Experts

There’s nothing quite as effective in the world of education as learning from, with and amongst experts in their fields. Our programmes feature thought-leaders who contribute to our students’ experiences through inspiring keynote addresses, and often directly, via discussion forums. The result? Open minds, new ideas and inspiration.


The role of tutors is to support students by guiding and accompanying them in their studies both individually and within their study groups. The tutors are experienced medical graduates and medical practitioners who ensure that students are doing well and succeeding in the programme. They provide academic and topic-related support, assignments and resources, formal feedback and grading, and provide feedback on student engagement in the forums.


Mentors are side by side with our students from the start; from the admissions process all the way through to graduation. Their mission is to support the personal and professional development of our students, and to coach them through the day-to-day challenges of academic life. From help navigating the digital campus, to keeping students posted on timelines, tasks, and requirements, to keeping your and your team’s morale up by supporting team spirit.


We know that the experience students gain during their hands-on training is key to overall success in their field. That’s why our programmes are so immersive and led by experts, passionate and dedicated to supporting students through their learning experience. EDU’s medical programme students are side by side with their clinical teachers 4 weeks per module, receiving close personal supervision, workplace-based assessment, and invaluable personalised feedback.


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