Didactic Concepts for Democratic Learning

Our eDidactic format is present in all aspects of our programmes, from our interactive digital platform, to our focus on learning in small groups, to making sure teachers and students are on equal footing.

Online Teamwork

Collaborative teamwork via our online platform stimulates the development of ideas and solutions, and a strong sense of community.

Peer-to-Peer Feedback

This process engages and motivates members of the community to exchange experiences, knowledge, and ideas with their peers.

Problem-Based Learning

Engaging students to partake in project-based, problem-solving processes, effectively equipping them for the real world.

Personal Tutoring & Mentoring

Boasting a nearly 1:1 student to teacher ratio, our tightly-knit group of tutors and mentors offer truly personalised support.

Expert Inspiration

Inspiring keynote speakers add to the learning experience with talks, putting subject material into real world context.


The democratic learning process is key to EDU’s eDidactic learning philosophy, and empowers students to take charge of their own learning experience.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.




The first pillar is teamwork and collaboration, where students work in teams on various programme activities, learning the collaborative skills crucial to success in the real world.


The second is problem-based learning, which feeds into students’ natural instincts to investigate problems together, and to take a creative approach to identifying solutions.


The third is peer-to-peer feedback, where students are encouraged to share constructive feedback with each other throughout draft processes and leading up to submissions.


The fourth is tutoring and mentoring. From application to graduation, our tightly knit group of tutors and mentors provide personalized support to students and student teams.


The fifth is expert input. Experts and thought-leaders in their fields give inspiring and educational keynote addresses, sharing valuable insight and experience to students.

Online Teamwork

Within the framework of the online programme, individual members of the community are matched together into teams to engage in the programme collectively.

Online teamwork allows participants to build and develop strong networks where ideas and assumptions are shared in the process of moving towards a common goal. Each team is represented within the programme with their own unique identities, and have their own shared workspaces. This fosters collaboration and feedback exchanges between team members at all levels. All of this is complemented by rich forum discussions, ensuring that feedback exchanges take place amongst and between teams, contributing to the strong sense of community synonymous with the EDU student experience.

Peer-to-Peer Feedback

At the core of the programme is a peer-to-peer feedback process which engages and motivates each member of the community to exchange experiences, knowledge, and ideas with their peers.

Various feedback loops drive interaction between programme peers at all levels, guiding them through a process of knowledge exchange where participants engage constructively with citizens around the world and express and hone their ideas in a structured way. On this foundation, a vibrant community emerges that empowers participants to learn with and from each other and to co-create concrete action plans which aim to resolve real-world challenges.

Problem-Based Collaboration

A cyclical collaborative process enables participants to challenge and develop their ideas, solve problems and overcome challenges together in productive ways.
Our programmes are built around the philosophy that immersive, collaborative, problem-based learning (PBL) is more effective than traditional educational models, which entail a hierarchical structure, long impersonal lectures, and many hours of solitary study. Because of its interactive and engaging nature, the concept of problem-based learning help students develop superior thinking and problem-solving skills. Problem-based learning also increases overall understandings of subject material, and retention of knowledge. The result is a vastly more enjoyable and more effective educational experience.

Tutors & Mentors

Providing students with personalised support and guidance every single day of their studies, from application, to graduation.
The support our student community receives from our tightly-knit group of tutors and mentors is a huge component of the educational experience at EDU. On a daily basis, tutors are involved in our students’ lives, providing support on assignments, helping with resources, and even throughout feedback rounds and grading. Adding another layer of support are our mentors, who are invested in our students’ personal and professional development. All in all, our tutors and mentors have a common mission; to be arm in arm with our students’ as they pursue success in their medical studies.

Expert Inspiration

Experts inspire the community with their expertise and insights on the programme topic.

They are distinguished experts, thought leaders and practitioners who share their knowledge and experience with the programme community. These keynote speakers provide a broad spectrum of inspiration and conceptual grounding, helping the community to open their mind to new ideas and educational practices. Experts also engage in direct discussions with the community depending on their availability.


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