EDU and Maastricht University: A partnership for 21st century medical education

EDU, Europe’s first digital Institution of Higher Education with a programme in Human Medicine, and Europe’s most innovative medical school, the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University, are joining to assure quality in Medical studies.

In February 2020, both educational institutions signed a contract stating that experts from the Netherlands will continuously evaluate and supervise EDU’s curriculum for its medical programme, in order to assess its quality by international standards, in line with the quality standards laid down in Directive 2005/36/EC. Read the latest review report.


The approach which Maastricht University has committed to undertake and provide in relation to the scope, content and modalities of the supervision of the education supplied by EDU and its Teaching Hospitals, revolves around six main themes including

  • the assessment and quality assurance
  • review and evaluation of the medical training
  • staff training
  • appointment of curriculum committee
  • expert meetings and audits

Prof. Andreas Hoeft, Late Founding Dean for Medicine at EDU

“Over twenty years ago, Maastricht University “invented” the integrated curriculum and set up a reform-oriented, visionary and innovative medical programme. We at EDU are now going one step further with our digital campus, making medical education ready for the digital age while at the same time strengthening practical training from the first trimester onwards.”

Scope and content of supervision in accordance with the EU Recognition Directive 2005/36/EC

The active supervision is now agreed upon by EDU and Maastricht University. It has been noticed by EDU’s regulatory authority, the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) of the Republic of Malta (as of January 2021: Malta Further and Higher Education Authority, MFHEA) and been forwarded to the European Commission.

Dr. Jürgen Laartz, Founding Rector of EDU

“With our agreement, EDU highlights our self-imposed expectations to uphold the highest standards of teaching quality. We are looking forward to a trustful cooperation with our colleagues in Maastricht, which will serve the continuous quality assurance.”


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