We are proud of the positive atmosphere that defines the EDU experience. In fact, we see it as a very special entity. We have always held ourselves and our instructors to the highest standards, and we expect the same from our student community. The spirit of our community is defined by a few unshakeable cornerstones; to be responsible, respectful, appreciative, and supportive. The statutes and regulations built into our Code of Conduct enable this trust and remind us of our shared responsibility to protect each and every member of our community.

As such, and for the sake of our community, we are committed to sanctioning individuals in breach of the rules and regulations, up to and including expulsion from the programme.

Unacceptable is any kind of ill-intended behaviour or action taken towards others, including but not limited to misbehaviour in research and scholarly activities, sexual misconduct of any kind, including sexual and gender-based harassment and violence, domestic and intimate partner violence, and stalking and bullying. To certify their understanding of EDU’s Code of Conduct, students are required to submit a signed copy of the EDU Code of Conduct upon enrolment. Students are responsible for making use of the available resources to maintain high ethical standards.

Virtual campus life flourishes when the community is in harmony with our common-sense values. The result is the safe, inclusive, and engaging atmosphere for learning and working together.

The Student Handbook, which is available for download below, contains a complete description of the relevant:

• guidelines for good academic practice

• principles of personal behaviour

• standards for studying in digital environments

Students are also encouraged to familiarise themselves with our Statutes and ByeLaws available for download below.


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