Consistently Impressive: EDU Students excel in the International Progress Test

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International Progress Tests (IPT) have become an integral part of medical education in recent years. These tests are designed to assess the knowledge and skills of medical students and provide valuable insights into their academic progress. At EDU, IPTs can be particularly important as they help to ensure that students are receiving a high-quality education that meets international standards. 

The EBMA International Progress Test (EBMA IPT) is a bi-yearly assessment taken by EDU’s students, which provides a standardized measure of student knowledge across multiple institutions. This allows medical schools to compare their students’ performance with that of their peers in other institutions on an international level, and to identify areas where they may need to improve their curriculum or teaching methods. Given the high importance EDU places on internal and external quality assurance of teaching and learning, the EBMA IPT serves as a valuable tool for ensuring that our medical education meets international standards. 

At EDU, we have been participating in IPTs for several years now, and we are pleased to report that our students generally perform similarly to or better than their peers. This is a testament to the quality of our faculty, the rigor of our curriculum and the dedication of our students.  

Furthermore, this latest examination presents a particularly remarkable set of results: 

November 2022 IPT results 

On this occasion, 81 EDU students completed the IPT. After previous excellent results, this most recent data shows once again that, overall, EDU medical students perform well compared to peer students at similar stages of study. Again, this highlights the dedication and hard work displayed by both our students and our faculty and staff.   

Specifically, EDU students in year 1 and 2 outperformed other students who have taken the IPT at a similar time point, with significantly higher scores. Moreover, the performance of year 3 and 4 EDU students was consistent with other students who have taken the IPT at a similar time point, indicating that they are well on track with their peers. 

The following figure shows the distribution of EDU medical students’ scores (the green boxplot) against all other students’ scores (the red boxplot), with the indicative EBMA IPT grades shown by the horizontal lines on the plot.  

About the EBMA International Progress Test   

Progress tests are longitudinal, feedback-oriented assessments of the development and sustainability of cognitive knowledge during a learning process. Rather than looking at mastery of a small area of knowledge, progress testing assesses student performance over all areas of their field of study. More information on the EMBA can be found here.  


EDU is proud to consistently prove the efficacy of the learning and teaching methods behind its programme in Medicine. More information on previous IPT results is available here:  

Spring 2022 Results 
Autumn 2021 Results 
Spring 2021 Results 




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