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Copyright EDU 2022

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Starting with the admission process and through the entire period of their studies, EDU students are in direct contact with various EDU teams, making sure that they are provided with the optimal assistance and support. EDU helps students be successful in the EDU learning model through onboarding, helping them develop the skills they need to study and grow into their medical professional. In other words, students are at the centre of the programme, receiving ample support from tutors, mentors, experts and the overall EDU Team.  

Recently, EDU sat down with one of the key people making this programme as beneficial and tailored to our students as possible: Dr. med. Eva Corvest, and discussed her role at EDU as well as her perspective on the prospects of the medical programme.

Dr. Corvest is a German medical doctor specialized in forensic pathology; she holds a PhD in Immunology from King´s College London, U.K., and did her postdoctoral research fellowship in the The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, U.S.A. Her medical education and work has covered experiences in Germany, Switzerland, France, the U.K. and the U.S.A. More info on her background here. Dr. Corvest started at EDU in May 2021, first as a module leader and expert, facilitating classes in the areas of her expertise. More recently, she joined the core team of EDU as Bachelor Programme Coordinator.  

EDU: What have been your responsibilities at EDU in your different roles?  

Dr. Corvest: (Currently) At EDU, as Bachelor Programme Coordinator, I ensure a smooth running of the bachelor programme. This is a very varied and interesting role involving ensuring a good communication within the different actors within the programme: On one hand the students, on the other hand the faculty, the core team of EDU, the academic board. So, I’m responsible making sure that these different parties communicate in an efficient way to provide the best possible outcome. 

As a module leader and expert, in the first months at EDU I learned about EDU’s unique didactic concept and I really got to appreciate it. I realized that I really believe in it, and it is something that I wanted to get more involved in and be more active in. So, I was very happy to expand my role at EDU to not only teaching but expand it to the role of bachelor programme coordinator. 

EDU: How did you learn about EDU? 

Dr. Corvest: I learnt about EDU actually through a job announcement. It was a job announcement looking for tutors, and I applied. I was told I was overqualified for the role and was offered the role of module leader and expert.   

EDU: Why did you choose to work at EDU? 

Dr. Corvest: Throughout my medical career I have always very much enjoyed teaching, and this was the case during my time in research, in immunology research, where I supervised several students one-on-one in the lab but also gave lectures, seminars, etc., and I then continued to do this throughout my training as a forensic pathologist in Switzerland.  

What I realized during this time is that the exchange with the students was really what I enjoyed. I enjoyed teaching small classes, not so much the large auditoriums, but really courses where I could directly speak with the students, have their input and encourage them to participate. Hence, being at EDU, this is what I do now on a daily basis. I facilitate classes in small groups, where I interact with students directly. It is a very student-centred learning environment, which I think is absolutely fantastic. And from my experience, achieves the absolutely best results in terms of learning outcomes and motivation of the students. 

EDU: And how does a programme like EDU’s prepare students to thrive in any environment? 

Dr. Corvest: Throughout my medical studies and my professional life, I have seen medical education and medical practice in many different countries: in Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, and the US, and of course there are intercultural differences that one observes as soon as you are involved and immerged in a medical system. However, I believe that today’s medical schools should form medical professionals that are able to adapt in any culture and in any country.  

At EDU, we educate medical professionals, who will be able to perform well in any medical environment anywhere in the world. 


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