Prof. Geertjan Wesseling Named Dean of EDU’s Faculty of Medicine and Health

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We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Prof. Geertjan Wesseling as the new Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health at EDU Higher Education Institution. Following the distinguished tenure of interim Dean Prof. Dr. Albert Scherpbier, Prof. Wesseling’s appointment marks an exciting new chapter in the history of EDU.  

Prof. Scherpbier in his role as chair of the Academic Advisory Board and the Academic Promotions Committee qualified profiles and finally recommended Prof. Wesseling as Dean to the Academic Board. The Academic Board in its meeting at 2 June 2023 recommended Prof. Wesseling as Dean. According to EDU’s Charter the Rector called for Prof. Wessling to become the new Dean of EDU’s Faculty of Medicine and Health effective 9 June 2023.   

Prof. Wesseling brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role, particularly from this long involvement with Maastricht University’s Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) and Maastricht University Medical Centre+. He has served as a Professor of Respiratory Medicine and has held the position of Head of the Department of Respiratory Medicine. With a remarkable 37 years in clinical respiratory medicine, he has contributed significantly to the field and has garnered immense respect within the medical community.  

During his tenure, Prof. Wesseling also served as a board member of the Faculty of Medicine and the staff board of the hospital. He held the position of Medical Director of the MUMC+ Centre for Chronic Diseases, further demonstrating his leadership capabilities and commitment to advancing medical practices.  

Prof. Wesseling comes with a vast amount of knowledge and expertise that will undoubtedly benefit EDU and its students. Throughout his career, he has made substantial contributions to medical education, serving as the coordinator of clinical teaching and the coordinator of the International Master of Medicine program. Additionally, he has held various educational roles within the medical curriculum, including tutoring and participating in the development of innovative teaching methods.  

Notably, Prof. Wesseling has been actively involved in the collaboration between Maastricht University and EDU. He served as the Chairman of the Maastricht University Supervison Board of EDU, highlighting his dedication to fostering a strong partnership and realizing the shared vision of providing exceptional medical education.  

When asked about his involvement with EDU, Prof. Wesseling expressed his excitement and dedication to the institution’s founding principles and innovative approach to medical education. He praised the early exposure of students to real patients and the combination of problem-based and student-centered learning with an online educational platform. Prof. Wesseling believes that these concepts, coupled with the expertise of the EDU staff and the support of clinicians from respected hospitals, present a unique and motivating opportunity to develop a successful medical school.  

Looking ahead, Prof. Wesseling envisions that the concepts embraced by EDU could have a global impact on the education of healthcare professionals worldwide. He is eager to contribute to the growth and development of EDU, ensuring that it continues to provide the highest quality medical education and remains at the forefront of medical advancements.  

We are delighted to welcome Prof. Geertjan Wesseling as the new Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health at EDU. His extensive experience, passion for education, and commitment to excellence will undoubtedly propel EDU’s medical program to new heights. We are excited about the future and the contributions Prof. Wesseling will make in shaping the next generation of healthcare professionals.  

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Prof. Geertjan Wesseling as the new dean of EDU’s Faculty of Medicine and Health! 

After stepping down as Interim Dean, Prof. Dr. Albert Scherpbier will continue in his roles as Chair of EDU’s Academic Advisory Board and Academic Promotions Committee. We like to express our sincere thanks to Prof. Scherpbier for his invaluable contribution to EDU during challenging times and look forward to the continued collaboration. 



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