Research on public health policies with regards to tobacco-reduction initiatives by EDU Tutor

Copyright EDU 2022
Copyright EDU 2022

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Dr. Jose Pantaleon Hernández, EDU Tutor and thesis supervisor who works at EDU since 2020, published a new article–the fourth since he is with EDU–this time as a solo researcher: Are Tobacco Policies and Practical Public Health Strategies Fully Aligned in Slovakia so as to Yield Better Cardiovascular Health?was published this past March in the International Research in Medical and Health Sciences, a peer-reviewed health journal.  

As the title indicates, this research consisted in analysing public health principles and government policies with regards to tobacco-reduction initiatives in Slovakia. Having one of the highest rates of cardiovascular disease within the European Union, the research argues there is a need to address public health campaigns aimed at persuading individuals and groups to tackle tobacco control, smoking prevention, and cessation strategies. 

You can find the complete research article here.


Tutors such as Dr. Hernández play an important role in EDU, as they support students throughout their studies. In the case of Dr. Hernández, he also provides his students with a great level of experience in research and academia, specifically in areas of Public Health, and Clinical Epidemiology. 

As Vanida, one of his students points out, his classes are “very interesting and helpful because you can exchange ideas with someone who is still actively researching.”  

EDU Faculty of Health and Medicine is proud of not only being represented by Dr. Jose Hernández in the academic world frequently, but also of the impact he has on his students. 



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