Safety and Hygiene in Infectious Diseases AWARDS

The current pandemic poses a particular challenge for both new and well-experienced professionals working with older adults in hospitals, nursing homes or even at home The challenges of COVID-19 are ever-reminding that a top priority for patient safety is the strict adherence to hygiene standards.  

The Faculty of Medicine and Health at EDU led by Dean Prof. Dr. med. Klaus van Ackern developed the Safety and Hygiene in Infectious Diseases (SHIDA) online training to prepare healthcare and nursing staff, as well as those providing care at home, to better protect their patients and themselves against infections, including COVID-19. 

SHIDA is therefore offered on two levels to serve multiple needs with a nurse as well as a caregiver track. 

Nurse Track

This level is aimed at scientifically trained healthcare staff and nurses to refresh their knowledge on safety and hygiene practices.


Foundations in Caregiving and Infectious Diseases Award

Accredited with 1 ECTS point at MQFL 5


This level is developed in order to equip older adult care assistants working in nursing homes, as well as informal or family caregivers at care homes or their own homes, with the necessary infection control knowledge to support those in their care.


As the goal of this training is to increase knowledge on hygiene and safety in the context of communicable infections and diseases, the course is open to anyone who matches the basic eligibility criteria and therefore has: 

  • Education at a minimum MQF Level 4 (high school leaving certificate); 
  • Moderate digital competencies; 
  • Regular access to a computer, tablet, or other suitable device and a reliable internet connection; 
  • Language proficiency at a B2 or higher level is strongly recommended.  

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