Can study hours be effective even when they are held in an online classroom?

Timothy studiert an der EDU Medizin (Foto: privat).

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As with other specialisations, when you decide to go to medical school, challenges can occur at any time.  

From the first moments of being admitted and subsequently, throughout the duration of your studies, concentration and perseverance are key skills to develop to ensure your academic success. 

Can these skills be acquired and developed outside a typical classroom setting? 

EDU is currently training the third generation of students preparing for careers in medicine. All theoretical courses take place in well-equipped digital classrooms that use a plethora of tools to encourage dynamic engagement and diversity.  

The effectiveness of high-quality digital learning EDU provides is proven from multiple angles. At the end of last year, qualifying EDU students participated in the European Board of Medical Assessors (EBMA IPT) International Medical Comparison Test in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and achieved above-average results. This was, without doubt, a great accomplishment that brought great pride for us and our students. However, what felt like an even bigger moment of success was the great feedback coming directly from them. 

Timothy, a third-year student with EDU, was asked if he has noticed any differences in his learning experience from year to year, he said: 

“We as students and EDU as an institution are making constant progress. Every year is a little different than the year before.” 

EDU’s clinical rotations start in the 10th week of study and when asked about his experience, he shared that:  

“Having the possibility to do three clinical rotations a year, there are all together lots of impressions and experiences made.” 

As evidence that skills in perseverance and concentration can be garnered in an online classroom, alongside a certain freedom that digital study allows for, Timothy summarised his experience as:  

“During the theory phase, I spent a week in Greece and one of those days was on a boat. Of course, I still attended all classes making it the most beautiful lecture hall I can think of.” 

Whether you want to learn how a digital faculty works or simply discover more experiences shared by other EDU students, you can attend our Virtual Open Day 

Join the EDU community, as we look forward to hearing about your experiences as a student in 2021! 



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