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As a growing medical education institution, EDU’s goals are strongly aligned with having our students at the forefront. Which is why our offer allows students to start studying earlier than other programmes, with multiple starting dates year-round. By doing so, students can commence their journey towards a career in medicine as soon as possible.  

At EDU, admission to study medicine is not purely based on grades, but rather takes into account the students’ skills and passion. This, along with offering students the opportunity to start studying sooner–rather than later–further solidifies their motivation and commitment to the medical profession.  

But EDU’s commitment to our students does not end after admissions–It only starts there. EDU has created a programme that revolves greatly around them, offering an unmatched digital medical education.  

Julius Oppmann, EDU Student since May 2021, put it best:  

“The vision and values of EDU resonate strongly with me. “Our education creates and fosters a diverse community, committed to the care of patients, inspired to leadership in evidence-based medicine” – This statement, together with many other EDU principles, shows me that every student is welcome. It is not the personal background that is decisive, but the common goal to make the world a little bit better through our actions. EDU makes me feel welcome for who I am and what I’ve accomplished.” 

By the time students begin their first module at EDU, they can rest assured that EDU will help them succeed through its highly integrated support systems, personal mentors and tutors, and the students’ self-directed learning process. We aim to be in constant communication with students and thus learn from them and their experiences.  

Studying digitally presents advantages and enhanced experiences for students today–here are some to look forward to when studying at EDU, as shared by one of our own students.  

The value of TEAMWORK 

As a fundamental portion of EDU’s didactic, students go through the learning journey together, working in teams, and fostering lasting bonds. As EDU student Julius remarks: 

“What I really liked was the amount of group work we had to do. Due to this, our group grew together really fast. I am also happy to say, that we as a cohort are all in close contact with each other and I see some of them as my friends today. I also liked the Virtual Classes very much, especially the week ahead sessions with Dr. Lewald.” 

These engagements further nurture and solidify the unique bond and sense of community at the centre of our team-based learning philosophy and the EDU overall learning experience. As mentioned, EDU is about each and every one of our students: from fostering an inclusive community, to encouraging constructive exchange. We aim to foster the yearning for lifelong learning by providing opportunities for bonding and learning amongst peers.  


EDU’s programme presents the unique offer to study medicine flexibly and independently of location with an interactive online platform and state-of-the-art digital learning methods. This comes with great practicality, as Julius mentions: “The online learning methodology of EDU has clear advantages. For example, working at home often allows more focused concentration. And you also save the commute time to the lecture hall and back home.“ 


To complement the digital learning phases of our programme, EDU places a major emphasis on hands-on experience. This is something our students are constantly looking forward since their first module, as they value how starting early with clinical rotations will prepare them for their future as physicians. As Julius points out: 

“EDU Students have the opportunity to gain practical experience from the beginning on, 3 months a year. Paired with the highly productive teaching, I know I will be excellently prepared for my professional life.” 

Other pluses from EDU’s programme 

Finally, there are multiple aspects of the well-rounded education that are particularly relevant for each student. For instance, for Julius, getting to study in English, while doing clinical rotations in German, is a great opportunity: 

“What I also liked from the beginning on, is the language of instruction. I have a special interest in the English language and have always been motivated to gain proficiency. I know that my English is not perfect, but I know I will continuously improve my language skills by studying at EDU.” 


Interested in finding out more about EDU’s digital medical education? Download our brochure here, or sign up to our Virtual Open Day to first-hand experience the digital campus, as well as hear from teaching staff and students about our programme. 



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