Welcome on Board! Incoming Students Share Their Aspirations and What They Look Forward the Most at EDU


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EDU’s 2020 autumn cohort joined us this past September. This group of new faces is as diverse in their reasons for wanting to study medicine as they are generally passionate about the field. What remained consistent across their reasons for choosing EDU, the teaching methods and certain areas of the curriculum were highlights.     

Lara Berge, of Breba, Germany, for example, started her medical studies at EDU in early September and aims to specialise in general medicine. Her personal mission to help people by saving lives has brought her to EDU’s doorstep, ready to learn. She chose EDU in particular because she was highly motivated by the flexible teaching model, which allows her to learn anywhere and anytime.     

EDU students enjoy the inherent flexibility and freedom of learning digitally with the help of various digital tools. However, this freedom also comes with the need to develop great amounts of self-discipline in order to succeed. EDU supports their students in acquiring that skill through mentorship and structure. That way, our students learn how to excel in their learning from both the comfort of their own home and a teaching hospital where they can gain hands-on experience.     

Lara is also excited about problem-based learning, a pedagogical practice that allows a small group of students to actively engage in discussion about an applied medical problem. By the end of her studies, she believes she will be well-prepared to step into her role. After learning through and completing all of her problem-based training at EDU, she will be a professional who is ready to take on a variety of problems and come up with equally diverse solutions.     

Lara’s peer, Stina-Marie Lutz from Heidelberg, Germany, was inspired to pursue a career in medicine by her family who works in caring professions. Her family’s background has nurtured in her a social and emphatic disposition which will serve her well as a surgeon, a career that has a large and positive impact on society. At EDU, Stina feels a sense of community where every student is seen as a unique individual with qualities that contribute to the group’s overall learning. Unlike traditional lecture halls, where learning effectiveness rapidly drops in a session, EDU’s smaller small class size during virtual sessions allows everyone an equal opportunity to ask questions without hesitation. This also leads to a higher chance of having their questions answered properly and effectively. What was her final push in choosing EDU? The early practical experience was the final step to a yes as Stina believes that “Learning-oriented practice is always more helpful than just theory without context”.    

Going on her medical journey, she looks most forward to the people she will meet and the experiences she will have. Beyond her studies, she can’t wait to become someone who can contribute to society and benefit others with her knowledge and actions.    

Celina Hutter from Graz Austria, a student who is starting her second year at the beginning of next year, has expressed in advance her expectations of learning digitally at EDU. Her first experience in an operating room confirmed she wanted to study medicine, more specifically, to specialise in surgery as an Obgyn.   

While acknowledging the regular challenges in medical studies, Celina appreciates EDU’s digital nature in particular. Just now, for example, the COVID-19 pandemic has proven the importance of digitalisation and that being digital does not determine quality. EDU the digitally native medical institution, could continue teaching as usual during the pandemic, without having the quality education it provides influenced under these extreme circumstances.    

Looking to the future, she envisions EDU’s digital nature posing a profound impact on the future of medical education. As one of the first EDU graduates-to-be, she is looking forward to paving the way for a whole new generation of medical professionals after her graduation.   

We wish you all a wonderful and unconventional learning experience in the following years, see you on our digital campus! And once again, welcome to EDU!  



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