EDU Medical Launches Degree in Human Medicine

EDU Medical offers students a full-time five-year Degree in Human Medicine, following the successful completion of our Master accreditation

We are pleased to announce that following the successful accreditation of our Master in Medicine programme we have launched a five-year, full-time degree in Human Medicine.

After a thorough review, the National Commission for Further Higher Education (NCFHE) Malta positively concluded the two-year accreditation process of our Master in Medicine programme. This is a landmark step for EDU Medical, and means we now offer our students a full Medical degree covering the specific medical knowledge and practical clinical experience students need to apply for a medical license in any EU member state, provided they also hold the necessary language qualifications.

Upon successful completion of our B.Med degree (including a Bachelor thesis), EDU Medical students qualify to enrol onto our M.Med programme to complete their Human Medicine degree studies. Over the five years of full time study our students will gain 7,500 hours of learning throughout their studies divided across contact hours such as lectures, self-study, clinical rotation, and course assessments, and complete both a Bachelor and a Master thesis. This includes up to 2,400 hours of practical hands-on experience in our partner teaching hospitals in Germany, HELIOS Kliniken.
Students will be awarded their Medicine degree (M.Med) after earning 300 ECTS. Students earn 180 ECTS for the first three years (B.Med) and 120 ECTS during the fourth and fifth years (M.Med). The NCFHE is an affiliate of ENQA and a body of the Ministry of Education and Labor of the Republic of Malta, and has previously officially licensed the EDU Medical Bachelor of Medicine Programme.This is a pivotal achievement for EDU Medical and we are looking forward to the bright future for our school and students.

EDU Programme Accreditations by NCFHE

Article updated: 15.05.2019