Corona: EDU resilient

EDU, Europe's first digital and interactive institution of higher education to offer a degree in human medicine, is set to take in a new cohort of medical students in May this year - despite of, or rather, immune to the impact of the ongoing Corona virus lockdown.
"We are online, resilient and fully capable to act," says Dr. Jürgen Laartz, founder of EDU. "The theoretical contents of our studies are all taught on our Digital Campus. This is what makes us unique,“ says Laartz, who is also the founding director of EDU. "We are very happy that all our students who have started their medical education with us since November 2018 can learn all theoretical contents without interruption.“


EDU Medical offers an innovative five-year Human Medicine (M.Med) degree programme. Our students study wherever they are and first gain a Bachelor and then a Master of Medicine during their studies. Our full time course combines theoretical study with up to 2,400 hours of supervised, hands-on clinical rotations in HELIOS Kliniken. Throughout their degree EDU students enjoy personalised 1-on-1 support from our mentors and medical expert tutors.


Our passion at EDU Medical is to equip doctors of the future with the skills and knowledge they need to be great physicians no matter where they are. We look for empathy and passion in our future students, as well as the necessary academic ability to study medicine. Admission to our Human Medicine Degree Programme is subject to a rigorous selection process which includes an admissions test conducted in partnership with ITB Consulting and an online interview.


EDU Medical students join their first clinical rotation in Week 10 of their first module. In each module our students gain hands-on practical experience with patients under the close supervision of experienced physicians and with a maximum doctor to student ratio of 2:6. By the end of their B.Med studies, our students will have spent 9 months (up to 1500 hours) gaining practical clinical experience in our partner teaching hospitals.


At EDU Medical we believe in creating great doctors who are highly focused on clinical experiences. For this reason EDU has partnered with HELIOS Kliniken teaching hospitals across Germany to give students high quality, patient-orientated practical experience under the close supervision from clinicians.


"Studying at EDU is great: Teamwork, early work in a clinical environment, and the innovative module structure allow us students to quickly recognise a transfer between theory and practice which makes learning much more exciting and fascinating."
Felix C.

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Get hands-on experience in best-in-class teaching hospitals within 10 weeks of starting your medical studies. From the very beginning!

Attend live video lectures, access learning resources, and collaborate on group work wherever you are via our digital campus.​

We have partnered with ITB Consulting to ensure the best candidates have the opportunity to study medicine.


Central to the student experience at EDU is our highly interactive and fully immersive, learner-centred approach, where our students learn practical skills in medical hospitals under the supervision of experienced professionals from the very beginning. With theoretical studies in small groups of no more than 6, not only do our graduates learn how to solve medical problems, they learn how to conduct research and discuss topics in a collaborative, rewarding, team-based spirit.

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Hoeft - Founding Faculty Speaker - EDU

A modern medical education, for a modern generation

By combining our cutting edge digital learning platform, and immersive patient-oriented practical experience, EDU students receive a unique, and modern medical education which rises to our 21st century needs.


Learn about the Learning Experience at EDU >

Synchronous Learning

Online synchronous communication is built into our curriculum, creating a sense of community, strengthening instructor-student / student-student relationships.

Community & Support

The community-oriented, team-based learning experience means students, tutors, and mentors are always working together, forming a strong support network.

Problem-Based Learning

Baked into our learning philosophy is the problem-solving process, an active and engaging learning pedagogy stimulating conceptual knowledge and creativity.

Expert Inspiration

Experts and thought-leaders inspire the community with their expertise and insights on the programme topic, via direct discussion and video keynote address.

Wherever the art of medicine is loved,
there is also a love of humanity.



A passionate pursuit of innovation in the world of medical education...
...our social mission.

At EDU, we believe that solving infrastructural issues in the world of medical education is the first step to making quality healthcare accessible for the most vulnerable amongst us.

Redefining Access to Quality Education

We are arm in arm with the United Nations in its Fourth Sustainable Development Goal; to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Our decentralized platform allows our accredited courses and programmes to run globally, enabling thousands of students to earn ECTS credits and even a degree in Human Medicine.

Growing Our Global Health Workforce

One of our core missions is to expand on and transform the global health workforce, in solidarity with the World Health Organization’s Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health. By making it easier for talented and passionate people to pursue careers as medical practitioners, even in geographically challenged areas, EDU is doing what it can to lend a helpful hand.

Supporting the Digital Education Action Plan

We couldn’t be more excited about the innovative opportunities in education, which the modern digital age is making possible for us. Through its commitment to pushing boundaries, and modernizing medical education, EDU is in proud support of the European Commission in addressing our society’s challenges with its Digital Education Action Plan.

Bachelor of Medicine Programme


 Admissions based on skills, not grades (no NC)

 Learn flexibly online from world-class medical experts and practitioners

 Gain practical experience in German teaching hospitals from the start

 Learn in small groups with daily tutor and mentor support

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